About Good Neighbors Candle Company

How Good Neighbors Candle Co. Began

My next door neighbor, at the time, had recently retired. Her name is Beverly and she is a very energetic and enthusiastic lady. I used to visit her and observed that she enjoyed making candles.

Before long Beverly was talking of getting a part time job. I suggested that she might want to begin to sell her candles instead. I, being a financial analyst, was confident that I could keep her books and advise her in the business end of things.

However... it took us just a matter of days to realize that I would be joining in the creative process.

It was just too much fun!

That was in 2005!

We focused our efforts on learning about Soy Wax and Penreco Gel.  The first year was a lot of trial and error.  We learned so much.  In truth, I don't think the learning ever ends.  There are new techniques and new products available all of the time.  But, we now have our core candles which we have made over and over again.  These are the ones you will find on our Product Page.  Over the years we have made quite a variety but these are the best sellers and ones we get consistent reorders for.

In 2005 soy candles were just finding  their way into Lancaster County.  It was fun to educate customers at the many craft shows we participated in.  Better yet, were the years to follow as customers would return to get more.  They had only good things to say about how clean these candles burned.  Now that we are five years down the proverbial road, Soy candles have earned their place in the line-up on many store shelves and have come to be most desired.  It is cool to think we had a very small part to play in that.

These days you can find Good Neighbors Candles in Lancaster County at 

Fresh Vintage by Amy in Strasburg
Back Home Again in Lititz.

On the Web:

You'll find our candles under private labels for
Companies, Ministries and Animal Rescues.
Peek under the lid....for our label.

Baby Shower Favor Candles are a huge part of what
we do!  How fun to make these memorable days more special.

Beverly has since moved into a 
retirement community and has become 
very involved in things there. 
I am now on my own with Good Neighbors Candles. 
While I miss her, I am very happy for her.
I hope that you will come to love
our candles as much as we do!