Saturday, November 28, 2015

Thursday, January 8, 2015

So....What's New Around Here?

Quite a lot, actually!

A new jar with three wicks.
Simple but pretty.

Baby Shower Favors continue to be the best overall sellers
outside of Christmas Season.

New packaging for a long time favorite fragrance.

Another top seller with new packaging.
Such a vibrant fresh scent that I came up with when my supplier
discontinued the scent before I was done fulfilling fund raiser orders.
It was a blessing in disguise.

What is cuter than a koala?
Seriously....I have no idea.
But I'll keep working on it.

2015 Trends say Tropical is in.
I'm on it!
Oooh, this is good!

Spa Time for all....any time of the year!

They make me giggle.

First Birthday Candles are Fun.

My personal favorite....
because of the color.

She is soooo cute!

The number one design for shower favors.
Everyone loves these owls.
In all colors.

Thanks for visiting.
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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Owls, Owls and More Owls

Just having a whoo-tin' good time
with baby shower favors these days!

Friday, July 19, 2013

Wedding Stemware

Weddings and candles go together like
peanut butter and jelly.

From the traditional Unity Candle
to the decor for the reception.
All the way through
candles hold a place of importance
on this special day.

I remember our evening wedding was softly lit
by about 50 candles.

I loved the glow.

Here at Good Neighbors Candle Company
we can make a special day 

The newest option is stemware for the Bridal table.
One stem for him and one for her.

Now available in our Etsy Shop.

You choose color(s)
and fragrance.

Fun stuff....this wedding planning!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Still Working on the New Labels.....

When I decided to change out the 
candle labels I've used for the past 6 or more years
I didn't realize how huge a job it would be.

One that feels as if it isn't bearing as much return 
as it should be for the effort.
However, these things aren't done for short term reward.
They are things that add to the quality of a product.

I miss some things about the old labels.
Some of them were favorites of mine
 that I can't reproduce in the new format.

But the trade off is worth it.

Crisp and colorful, 
well attached and waterproof 
labels which can be placed
without worries near the kitchen or bathroom sink.

Candles taken to outdoor shows
don't have to be panicked over if raindrops
begin suddenly.

Be patient with me as this effects 
more than 200 different candles.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Christmas Cabin Has A Twin

Sometimes a seasonal candle fragrance has more than one season.
Such is the case with Christmas Cabin.

Therefore I have hatched it a twin.

This fragrance reminded me so much of sitting 
under the pine trees in the depth of the woods
that I am calling it 
In the Pinewoods during the off-season.
You know...
when it isn't Christmas.

So many people loved this scent as Christmas Cabin.
But who wants a Christmas candle in June?

Now it is available as

Your vacation candle.
For when you wish you were sitting 
under the pines
in the Adirondacks.

Oh Yeah!

Monday, March 4, 2013

Scripture/Devotion Candles

I love having scripture in my decor here at
Hospitality Lane.

Perhaps it is because of a challenging time in my 
life right now that scripture has become 
like a lifeline.

I do want my heart to be renewed.
Love for people to be restored.
Broken relationships healed.

It's not easy.
But God is faithful.

Loving the difficult people.

Knowing that as great as Faith and Hope are
Love is even greater!

A wonderful gift for the Bride and Groom.

A reminder to come daily to our Creator.
He LOVES to hear from His creation.

Candles truly are home decor.
These candles have messages that 
make a difference.

I invite you to check them out in my Etsy shop.
You choose fragrance, color and wick type. 
Truly a custom candle. 
You build it.
I make it.