Thursday, January 8, 2015

So....What's New Around Here?

Quite a lot, actually!

A new jar with three wicks.
Simple but pretty.

Baby Shower Favors continue to be the best overall sellers
outside of Christmas Season.

New packaging for a long time favorite fragrance.

Another top seller with new packaging.
Such a vibrant fresh scent that I came up with when my supplier
discontinued the scent before I was done fulfilling fund raiser orders.
It was a blessing in disguise.

What is cuter than a koala?
Seriously....I have no idea.
But I'll keep working on it.

2015 Trends say Tropical is in.
I'm on it!
Oooh, this is good!

Spa Time for all....any time of the year!

They make me giggle.

First Birthday Candles are Fun.

My personal favorite....
because of the color.

She is soooo cute!

The number one design for shower favors.
Everyone loves these owls.
In all colors.

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