Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Still Working on the New Labels.....

When I decided to change out the 
candle labels I've used for the past 6 or more years
I didn't realize how huge a job it would be.

One that feels as if it isn't bearing as much return 
as it should be for the effort.
However, these things aren't done for short term reward.
They are things that add to the quality of a product.

I miss some things about the old labels.
Some of them were favorites of mine
 that I can't reproduce in the new format.

But the trade off is worth it.

Crisp and colorful, 
well attached and waterproof 
labels which can be placed
without worries near the kitchen or bathroom sink.

Candles taken to outdoor shows
don't have to be panicked over if raindrops
begin suddenly.

Be patient with me as this effects 
more than 200 different candles.

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