Friday, July 19, 2013

Wedding Stemware

Weddings and candles go together like
peanut butter and jelly.

From the traditional Unity Candle
to the decor for the reception.
All the way through
candles hold a place of importance
on this special day.

I remember our evening wedding was softly lit
by about 50 candles.

I loved the glow.

Here at Good Neighbors Candle Company
we can make a special day 

The newest option is stemware for the Bridal table.
One stem for him and one for her.

Now available in our Etsy Shop.

You choose color(s)
and fragrance.

Fun stuff....this wedding planning!

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  1. What lovely goblets. I haven't stopped by for awhile. Trust you have been well. Blessings on your autumn, the perfect time of year for candles!