Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Candles at Hospitality Lane...

Welcome to Candles at Hospitality Lane!
Good Neighbors Candle Co.
Soy candles are Hand-poured
~ by me~
...just for you!
Making quality Soy Candles 
since Spring 2005.

I'd love to have you become

Design in Process!


Many thanks to the blog readers and 
friends who have been so encouraging in
placing orders and giving me such 
positive feedback.
You keep me going!!!!

It is time to schedule your Fundraiser for Spring
or to get on the Christmas Schedule For 2011.
If you are interested send me an email at
I look forward to working with you!

Thanks for visiting Candles at Hospitality Lane!


  1. I like your candle site! You have so many options! I"ll have to come back and brows some more. And when we move back to the states maybe i'll be able to order some!

  2. I am enjoying looking around! I love candles and your scents sound wonderful! ♥

  3. The new blog looks BEAUTIFUL, Becky... and such wonderful scents for fall... that pumpkin pie spice has be yearning for Thanksgiving already...mmm... Happy Days ((HUGS))

  4. I am addicted t0 candles and c0llecting candles fr0m different c0ntries,i'd like t0 order but I d0nt have paypall

  5. Becky,
    What a pretty website!
    I love your candles. My favorite is the cappuccino. Everything you make always looks professional and comes with that extra special touch you can only find when things are made with love. :)

  6. I am just getting into candle making, and I just found you how nice is that? Blog hopping
    this morning...with my coffee. I have to run for now..but will be back...

  7. Hi Becky, my candles arrived today! =) They all smell lovely! Thank you!
    Elijah was asking me how you make them. He was really interested and I i had to tell him I don't really know how you made them. But i imagine your kitchen smells amazing! =)

  8. Becky,
    My daughter Yolanda was so fond of displaying her hot chocolate candle last year as part of her Christmas decorating that I had to nudge her to light it. It was the right gift for her.

  9. They smell wonderful!! Mmmm I wanted to start eating the chocolate ones They smelt so real!
    I have been taking deeper breaths since setting your candles out. Thank you for the TLC you put into your candles!

    The surrendered life is an abundant life!

  10. I can't wait to get my Hot Chocolate candles. Of course I love the snowmen. All of your candles smell wonderful. I hope my pay pal went through and you got paid. I am new at pay pal and you know me-----ha ha

  11. Oh Phyllis,
    Your candles are scheduled to be made up all fresh later today or tomorrow. Can't wait to deliver them myself and see your lovely smile!
    Your payment came through as expected.....

  12. What an exciting venture you have...making candles! I have a lovely "orange" scented YC candle at "the little house in the country" that smells so good although I usually like a spicy or pumpkin scented one!
    I have a question about soy candles...do they leave less of a residue on walls and cabinets, etc. than other candles? I had a candle burning in one of my bathrooms one day and later I found black soot all over my toilet and mirror. I thought, "WHAT HAPPENED HERE??"
    I worry about what goes into our lungs...

    Love ALL your blogs, dear one!!

  13. Beth,
    Thanks for the sweet words....I'll attempt to answer your question about the black soot.

    Soy candles throw much less soot than their paraffin counterparts. I would underline that if I could. Much less. Now, that is not to say they are automatically soot free. After all, if we add color or fragrance oil we are adding back some petroleum product. But, when the wicks are kept trimmed and the candles out of a draft these are the cleanest burning candles I have ever seen. I expect to have a perfectly clean container each and every time they are done. It is very important to remember that candles, especially when nearing the bottom will turn all liquid. This can cause the wick to slide to one side or another. Another cause of sooting. SO....the rule of thumb is to always burn a candle supervised and when it is nearing the end, more supervision is recommended.
    Whew! That was long...hope you followed all of that.