Thursday, March 24, 2011

If You Think Wick Tests Aren't Important....

Think Again!

This post is going to show you why.

I am in the process of testing wicks in two new designs.
They are both tins.
One is LARGE.
One is small.

I lit them with much excitement to see how they 
would do.  Well, the reviews are mixed.
I am quite satisfied with the first one...although
I am contemplating going up just one wick size.
We'll see how the end result turns out.
The tricky part is getting enough flame to get
a complete burn without having a hazardously 
large flame that would put homes at risk.
Especially with tins because initially it is exposed
not inside a container as with a jar candle.

As you can see the larger tin needs just one
more wick. 

I'll probably lose patience with
waiting for it to burn all the way down because
soy burns for~ev~er!!! 
I can imagine myself popping
it into an oven set on warm/200 degrees and reusing
this wax.
Waste not, want not! 
 I will then set three wicks evenly in the
tin and test again.
It is a process....but it is well worth it!

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