Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Happy Customers Make My Day!!

Last week I shipped the butterfly mosaic candle you 
see here.  

It was hot outside and I was very 
concerned about how it would survive shipping.
It would be no problem unless some postal worker
left it in a hot vehicle for more than an hour or so.

This morning the customer called to say it arrived
in perfect condition and she loves, loves, loves it!!
In fact she wants another one.
Oh dear.
That was a one of a kind.
So I promised to go look for a similar 
mosaic container for her.

The upside is she loves that it can be refilled
when this one is completely burned down.
I love it too.
So many containers are worthy of 
refilling and not tossing.

Have any hanging around that you just
couldn't throw away?
Let me fill them for you....
Just contact me for pricing.
Price per ounce goes down as the 
number of ounces
goes up.

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