Saturday, May 14, 2011

A New Candle Line is On the Way

The other day
I shamelessly proposed to an unsuspecting
fellow blogger that she might want to check 
out my candles when she innocently mentioned
the need for some for her daughter's wedding.

Poor dear!
Now she was on the spot.

So, being the sweet, kind woman I have always 
thought she would be she wrote a nice long 
email in return explaining what they are looking 
for and what I should come up with in order to 
compete for her business.  

Creativity....don't fail me now! Michael accidentally broke nearly 
an entire box of glassware in the garage.
Amazingly I took it in stride and went out to 
clean it all up.  In the process I came across a
box of frosted bulb jars I had forgotten about.
Ooooh...I could play with these.

Now, these are smaller than I think my 
potential customer is looking for but we 
shall see.  I'll show her this along with other 
options yet to be put together.

Even if she and her daughter don't choose 
to order from me I am thrilled to have been 
put to the challenge and to come up with 
another "line" of candle choices.

That's what you are!!

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