Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Presentation Matters!

Over the years I have used several different
bags for delivery of fundraiser orders.

Most often I use a white gift bag with handles.
Tissue paper wraps each candle with care and 
peeks out over the top of the bag to 
pretty it up.

This will not likely change for those orders that 
involve more than one candle.

the smaller orders have been a challenge
for me.  You see, just because a gift bag is
smaller does not make that much less expensive.
Trying to keep my costs down in a world 
where everything is going up
and thus keep my prices down
so my customers keep coming back 
matters to me.

The least expensive bags I have ever
found were about ten cents each....
however, most of the time
I spent about 25 cents each.
Then you add the tissue paper
and it is about 30 cents per package.

That may not seem like much, 
but if you figure I have been 
giving 50% to my fundraising groups
and the smallest candle is $4
by the time I give them their half, 
pay for the jar, lid, soy, wick, fragrance oil, color, bag and paper
I might have made a quarter on each of those small candles.
Not exactly profitable when you factor in my time.
So.....I've been playing with ideas to reduce costs 
AND come up with something I am not 
ashamed of.

I'm on the right track.
I can get 40 brown paper bags for 
one dollar. 
That is just about 3 cents each.
Then for another few cents I can 
print my own design on the bag.
I am thrilled.
Now, to nail down the exact design
I want on the bag.

This is the one I am playing with right
now....some customers will receive these 
this week.
I'll try to get some feedback.
But, I am so excited about the possibilities!

I do not want to sacrifice
the quality
of the presentation. 
Presentation really does matter!!

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