Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Hospitality Lane Friends At Etsy

It occurs to me that I know several other 
Etsy sellers through my blog, Hospitality Lane.
I am going to feature the ones I know of here...
and you can let me know if you have a shop,
I'd love to feature you, as well.

When I first began blogging one of the 
first people to welcome me
was Terri at Lakewood Manor.
She has been a consistent friend for 
years now.
Terri's daughter, Ashley makes bath cocktails.
They are very creative and I intend to get some
for myself one of these days.
Her ETSY store is here. 
UPDATE:  Terri has taken over the
Bath Cocktail Business.  I thought I remembered
reading that somewhere but couldn't remember for sure.
Go Terri!  I wish you the best!!

Freda Marie and her daughters have a wonderful
Etsy store making and selling aprons.
this is one of my current favorites....

I bought an apron for Chelsea a 
while ago.  It is wonderful.
Great quality and sturdy material.

Cass, at That Old House, has a very talented
daughter named Ann.
Ann is an artist and does this kind of work
Isn't that exquisite?

Tracy, at Pink Purl,  is another long time Blogger Friend.
She has made her home in Norway
with her husband and near his family but
originally grew up just down the road from
me in the same county that Warren grew up in.
  That was the connection that forged our 
She does beautiful sewing and knitting 
projects as well.  
You can contact her to find out more about 
those things.....

I have run out of time for this morning's listings.
Please contact me if you would like me to feature 
your shop here. 
I want to make this a regular feature 
on Candles at Hospitality Lane.


  1. Hi, Becky! So very lovely of you to feature me among your good Etsy/blogging friends! So many other talented folks feature here--I had a look at their shops... I really love Freida Marie's aprons! Look forward to seeing how else you may feature--great topic! :o) Happy Days...P.S. We're in Norway actually, not Netherlands... dare I correct??!

  2. Love the features! What a great idea to do! Be blessed..............Tricia

  3. Thank you for the feature!!! I love it. I am now the proprietor of Bath Cocktails. Ashley had to give it up due to a budding career!

  4. Thanks for sharing. You have some very artistic & creative friends