Tuesday, August 9, 2011

A Gorgeous Wreath Came to My Door....

I heard the sound of a car's engine and a door slam.
It occurred to me that the mail lady had come
and gone very quickly from our driveway.

She only does this when she has a package that won't
fit in our rather sizable mailbox.
I was curious....and hopeful.
I knew I had won a wreath from Judy's

Sure enough.
The large box had her return address
on it.  I rushed inside with the package
to open it and check.it.out!

It was love at first sight!

The first thing I did was grab the camera.
I took pictures right there on the blue chair 
in the living room.  

Then I had to see how it would look on the door.
The nail was already in place
but the door was naked. 
Poor thing.
Well, it is dressed up now!

The wreath looks great there!!

I love the whimsy of the seashells
mixed with the dried flowers
and eucalyptus
that smell totally amazing.

What a wonderful welcome 
for our guests.

Thank you, Judy!
I know your customers must 
be so happy to open their purchases from you!

I am about to begin the process of making
candles to fill fundraiser orders with...
however, before I do that I have a few
special fall candles to make that will be exclusive 
to my Etsy Shop.
I hope you'll love them.
Keep your eye on the new listings....
coming very, very soon!


  1. The wreath really looks gorgeous on your door!

  2. Thank you Becky for featuring the wreath you won. It looks great -- great photo! I'll have to have another giveaway soon!

  3. Wow that is so beautiful, no wonder you are delighted! Niki xxx

  4. Oh, the wreath look absolutely perfect on your door Becky! Beautiful work, Judy!!!

  5. Wow! That wreath is gorgeous! The colors look so vivid in your photos.


  6. It's beautiful. Good job Judy!

  7. It's beautiful! So different, too.

    Great pics!