Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Making New Friends At Work

My work these days is largely
this will change in about a month
as I begin to make candles for the fund raisers
but for now I am busily getting the name
Good Neighbors Candles all over 
the Etsy site.

One of the huge blessings of Etsy is a forum
for Christians.  Over 2,000 shops are registered
to this team.  It is great to be in fellowship with 
other believers who are also attempting to 
bring in an income without leaving their 
home and children.

Many are young mothers, 
there are retirees
Moms, like me, 
who are about to experience an 
empty nest and are seeking 
something to do while being available
to their teens.

Opinion here:
Teens need us every bit as much
as our toddlers did.
Every time I think of getting a job
outside of our home I am reminded 
how much time I would lose with my 
still impressionable young adults.
This is not the time we want to hand over
primary influence to friends who are just as
young and impressionable.

So, Etsy, in theory allows for a business
to grow and for money to be made
while working from home.
I say, in theory, because a lot of 
people have shops on Etsy and have 
barely made a dime.
This is because to make money here 
takes time and work.
Imagine that!
Just like the real world....

However, it has been very enjoyable
to meet a host of wonderful ladies
on our forum thread.
One of these ladies is a young mother.
We like to call her Bammy
because her shop,
shared with another talented Mommy,

On Saturday, 
Angel(Bammy) and her husband Sean
came over and met Warren and I 
to see my favorite show,  Joseph.

It was so much fun to meet both of them.
We enjoyed the show
and then went to 
Outback Steak House for a 
late dinner.

We laughed so hard and it got 
Sean and Angel had a two hour drive 
to get home, not to mention
Sean had to be at church by 7am 
the next morning to prepare to play 
with his worship team.
So, dear friends, accept my 
apology for keeping you so long.
Hope you've caught up on some sleep.

Here are some of the items
Angel and her partner, Michelle, 
make for their shop.

Premade Scrapbook...You just add the photos!

Cute fabric for these bibs!

I love these burp cloths......

This photo and the next are of fabric chalkboard mats.

A very cool idea for kids on the church, a restaurant, even at home....

A chipboard mini album filled with scripture and embellished with scrapbook paper.
These are just a few of the nearly 150 items in Bam Crafty Mommas Shop.

I also recommend Angel if you would like to preserve special
memories in a scrapbook but don't want to take the time to 
do it yourself.  Angel loves to create special pages
and will happily and cheerfully work with you to custom
make a precious keepsake.

I recently recommended this to a friend who was wondering
what to do with cards received after her father's passing.
My Mom, who is also a "scrapper" made a very wonderful
book doing this very thing and it is a "keeper".

Finding new friends has been a pleasant surprise
but one for which I am thankful.
They have given feedback that is helping my business
grow....they have prayed with us as we suffered the 
loss of a dear family friend and were in deep shock,
they have rejoiced with me over sales.

God has blessed me with the CAST Team.

I have not forgotten my beloved Blog
Community.  I am so thankful for you too!
One dear friend is hosting a giveaway 
of a hot chocolate
Crystal, sister of Melissa, has educated herself
about the benefits of soy candles.
She has shared on her health blog about 
why you would want to burn soy over paraffin.
I hope you'll stop by and leave a comment for 
this lovely lady who just happens to be the new
momma of a precious baby girl.
Enter to win this candle
which retails for $10.


  1. brought tears to me. it was so amazing to get to meet you! I am blessed beyond belief!

  2. What a wonderful post, Becky! First of all, I completely agree with teens needing their parents as much and more even than pre-schoolers. hehehe...I have a 32 year old daughter who has been all over the world who calls me at least once a day and sometimes multiple times. I am so thankful that I'm available when needed...most of the time. LOVE your feature on Angel, well done! It sounds like you four had a great time together.

    blessings, zuda

  3. Beautiful post Becky! It is such a blessing to promote another, and even more of a blessing to be able to meet.

  4. I'm so glad you were able to meet! I value the friendship of my CAST friends and am happy to hear you had a great time together.

  5. I love that you and Angel were able to meet.


  6. That must have been so great to meet -- I wish someone was close enough to me!

  7. Angel's items are beautiful! That is so cool that you got to meet each other!

  8. BTW, I wish I could reach through the screen and eat those peaches at the top of your blog!

  9. I could use some advice on my etsy site for Bath Cocktails. I have sold ONE, just ONE order. I am looking forward to ordering some fall candles from you. I am waiting until the heat goes away a bit!

  10. Awesome that CAST can bring together new friends :)