Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Custom Order Completed

Last evening a friend contacted
me on behalf of someone else.

Could I possibly make a 
special candle for her friend's mother?
For Christmas?
And could it be something different 
from a jar candle?
Made in Lavender and creamy in color?

she was so talking my language!
A non jar candle.
A fragrance and color combo
that no one else would have thought of?
Need it fast?

I was on it like a hound on a rabbit.

This is the result.
With time to spare.....

There you have it.
One project completed today...
all the while I was cleaning and organizing 
after the busiest candle season ever.

There is plenty left to clean and organize but 
I don't want to overwhelm my 
family with too much cleanliness 
all at once.
That could cause them to go into

Merry Christmas!

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