Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Fighting Cancer with Candles

Its the little things that 
make me 

Like knowing that these 
candles were sold to help
a man who is fighting cancer
pay a few bills.

This could be grocery money....
or gas money so he can get 
to his treatments.

Whatever the case
his family loved him enough to 
raise $700 by selling 
Good Neighbors Candles.

I am thrilled to make each one 
with love and care 
praying for his healing as I go.

His sister was the one to contact me.
I have a brother.
I would do anything for him.
This sister obviously feels the same way 
about her brother. 

Sharing of time and resources
to assist those in need.
It makes a routine activity
like making soy candles
have meaning.


  1. It is awesome to know your candles are helping someone in need! Love this post!

  2. Thank-you for helping me raise some funds for my brother. It is a great help in this time of need.