Friday, June 29, 2012

Adding Palm Candles to the Mix

Not too long ago I was  browsing the web site of my local supplier.
I haven't done this for a while since I have my usual things to get there and 
it usually doesn't take much time or effort....
I just know what I want.

But on this day I was happy to see that more wax options
have been added.   All of a sudden I was thinking about the possibilities.
So many.
I asked my supplier if I could try a sample and they were more than willing
to give me a five pound sample.
I got myself a mold to make pillar candles and began to play.

So far I have made two pillar candles.
One is orange and in Tuscan Melon and Apricot scent.

The other is blue and in the blueberry muffin scent.


In the orange candle I used the wicking they included with the kit.
It failed.
The side of the candle blew out and wax ran out.
Not unusual for pillars but not what I want to sell.

I used one of my own wicks in the blue and 
so far so good.
The results are still unknown.
It could be user error as I let that first candle
burn for many hours at a time.

I think in general the rules for burning pillars
are different....
but until I am sure I will not sell any.

Next up....votives.

Can't wait to try these with the palm wax.
Soy wax is just too soft to make these well.
Perhaps a blend is upcoming?
The options are endless.

What would you like to see?
Wood wicks?

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