Monday, July 18, 2011

Hot Chocolate Mugs 2011

If you only knew the stress I put on myself 
each year to come up with the perfect hot chocolate
mug.  You would consider me crazy.
It's have no idea.

So, this year I thought I would just 
put myself out of that misery and not offer 
hot chocolate mugs to my fundraisers.
I would simply make up odds and ends mugs
I have from prior years and offer them at the 
occasional craft show.

That was a relief...
until I spoke with the representative of
one of my largest fundraisers.
This will be our third year.
I told her of my decision and asked if she 
thought anyone would mind.

It got quiet on the other end of the phone
for a second....
then she told me that this was one of the 
products mentioned specifically as a favorite.

O.k. then.
This meant the hunt was back on.

Now you have to understand that last year I 
had no local breakages but it seemed that 
one out of two times I shipped them 
at least one would be broken on arrival. ceramic mugs this year.
They had to be metal or glass.

I searched the internet.
I walked the stores.
I came close to committing a couple of times
and then just decided to wait case....

Well, it happened.
One of my favorite wholesale suppliers just happened 
to have these lovely green tin mugs.

They are a very nice thickness and color.
I asked and they had my requested 
200 in stock.
More, if I end up needing them.

I am so pleased.
These will ship very nicely and
are adorable all made up.

Do you like them?


  1. Oh they look perfect! I was thinking what's she talking about, those are perfect. LOL! Sometimes I get ahead of the story.

  2. hot chocolate are my favorite of your candles!(of the ones I've tried so far)
    They look nice Keep up the good work :)