Saturday, July 16, 2011

More than Jar Candles....

If you've been around here long you 
know that just about nothing is spared
from being turned into a candle around here.
However, it was just yesterday when I was
posting a new listing at my Etsy shop that
I was able to put into words 
why this is true.

This is what I said in my newest listings:

"It is my goal to make candle art.
Jar candles are great. 
I make those too....
but there are places in our homes 
where we want it to be just a bit more dressed up. 
This gives you the option of a warm glow within a beautiful piece."

I found these two bowls on deep discount at 
Kohl's and simply fell in love with them.

They are $10 each
before shipping.

Shipping adds $5.

Each one holds between 8 and 9 ounces of soy wax.
As always the wicks are hemp.
No metal to burn!

Once burned down this bowl 
will clean up beautifully with 
hot soapy water
leaving you with a sweet bowl.

The purple one is actually a deeper purple 
than it seems from the picture.
It is French Lavender.

The yellow one is Amazingly Grace (Type)
Fragrance.  A very, very soft scent of roses and musk.

Contact me if you are local and want one 
of these bowls.  
You don't have to deal with the 
postage on Etsy.

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