Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Bowl Candle - Two Gifts In One......

One has to love the practicality
and the beauty 
of a bowl candle.
This orange clove soy candle
is poured into a vintage glass 
bowl with legs.

Burning this candle until about a half inch
remains and then removing the wicks
allows one to wash the bowl in the 
dishwasher or hot soapy water 
for a wonderful keepsake.

This week I was at one of our favorite 
department stores when I found these 
bowls on final clearance.
What were originally $9.99 
each were just $1.99 each.
I knew this was an unusual opportunity
because normally a beautiful container 
like this is just too costly to 
then add soy and pass on the 
total cost....
but at $1.99 I could just charge
for the candle.
The bowl is free to you!
Love it....

Autumn Magic
 Autumn Magic is a very unusual fragrance.
It is, however, one that I love.
It reminds me of a delightful idea for a man's cologne.
Spicy and fresh.

Bllueberry Muffin
 I know those are not blueberries on the 
side of this bowl but this was a great 
excuse to use such a fun and popular fragrance!

Orange Clove
 Perfect for Fall.
The orange scent is more prominent when the candle
is cool, while the clove is 
more prominent when it
is lit.

Country Bumpkin
A light fragrance that makes me feel as if I have
just walked into a quaint country store.
Apples and spice with a hint of potpourri.

If you haven't tried a bowl candle yet...
there is still time.

So much beauty.
And it lasts.

All of these candles are now available


  1. They're all so pretty! I love the candles I ordered! Wish I lived close so I could drop by for a visit and watch you pouring candles. : )


  2. love these! they look so beautiful!!!!

  3. Oh my, I can almost smell those candles through the computer screen! They are very pretty indeed. :) Deb

  4. Me too! They're so pretty. And you gotta love a great deal.

  5. Gorgeous candles! I'm a super candle fan, so I admit that I was a little excited when we lost power from the hurricane this week & I got to light them in every room.

  6. I just love a good deal. Wonderful job! And they look gorgeous too:)

  7. I love your bowl candles...such a lovely idea!! Don't you just love a great deal?

  8. Your candles are a pure blessing to anyone who owns one.


  9. I wish I could smell them all. They look beautiful and sound like they smell great.

  10. Looking at your candles make me want to be able to smell. I use to LOVE candles! Yours are so beautiful, and smelling them is only half of the whole "experience". What a blessing that you found the beautiful bowls so inexpensive!