Sunday, September 4, 2011

My Scary Time of the Year

Every year about this time I am spending money like crazy.
I buy jars and jars and more jars.
I buy fragrance oils by the pound.
Then there are the wicks, coloring and warning labels,
tissue paper and gift bags.

I purchase 50 pound boxes of soy wax.

This year Warren helped me to choose a new
melter.  One that will melt three gallons of soy 
at a time.  Right now I use a two quart batter bowl
and fill it over and over and over.  
Very time consuming!

The reason I spend so much money at this 
time of the year is so that I can prepare for the
fund raisers that will happen in September, 
October, November and December.

The scary part?
What if I didn't get enough and can't get more?
Or, what if I don't sell half of what I purchased 
and come up short on income to cover the 

These are the things that wake me up 
early in the mornings.
That's what they call it.
But, I have to say that God has truly 
blessed this little candle business of mine
and thus far has allowed the preparations
and the sales to work out just right.

Of course, last year I, and others, did search 
a tri-county area to find mugs for the hot 

This year?
400 adorable tin mugs.

If I sell more than that I will count
my blessings and go look for more.

I covet your prayers as I enter 
another busy time.
This is the epicenter of 
Good Neighbors Candle Co.
This is it.
The time of the year that makes or
breaks a candle business.

Pray that I would have a clear mind.
That I would always treat my customers
with the respect they deserve.
That I might have wisdom in what 
projects to take on and which to 
pass over.  I want to do it all.....
This should not surprise you.

My family needs your prayers too
as they deal with the garage that 
turns into a warehouse and a 
house taken over with all 
things candle.

Believe it or not this 
can cause stress....LOL.
But Jonathan said recently that 
if this allows us to do something that 
he has longed for he would take back
every mean word about my making candles in 
the kitchen....wouldn't that be sweet?
If one day, this little business would help 
our family be more independent?
That is my prayer.

Those of you reading this are the loyal
friends and customers that have found
this tiny little blog.
I am not going to advertise this post.
If you found it you were supposed to 
read it......
You are appreciated!!

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