Tuesday, September 13, 2011

New Projects Are So Much Fun!

So, here's the scoop!
I played almost all day Today.
Played and made money at the same time.

Monday night I got a request from a 
customer asking if I would be able to 
whip up some candles for a baby shower
by Friday at Noon.

What?  Of course I could and would.
So, this is what I did today....

 They are baby powder scented.

 These look a bit unfinished.... because they are.
My friend, 
(all customers become friends sooner or later)
is going to make her own tags
for them.  She had some ideas in her head but
felt it would be easier to play with them
herself and then put them on
rather than have to come to 
a conclusion and communicate it to me
on such short notice.
I was fine with that.

Here they are...
all boxed and ready to go.

I also took photos of some fun
candles that I made late last night.

When I saw these pie slice containers it took 
me about 20 seconds to pick them up.
They are so cute!!

And the logical fragrance was
Fresh Baked Apple Pie.
So...that's what is in there.
It is a very nice soft 

I have two sets of three pie slice candles 
made up and listed on Etsy.
If you are interested in them


  1. These are all soooooooooooo cute!!! Cute tea lights! Cute apple pie candles that I want to eat up! Cute cute cute!

  2. I just looooove the baby shower favors! that is awesome! everyone will get a cute and useful gift, plus everyone will be able to enjoy that "baby smell" that we all love. this is awesome! you will sell tons of these! and the apple pie slices, I mean those are just perfect! those containers were just begging for apple pie candle!

  3. Love the tea light favor idea, the colors are so sweet. The pie slices make such an adorable candle!

  4. Becky - you make the bestest candles EVER!!


  5. Wow...it all looks amazing. I love the pie slices idea too.

  6. Wow, I wish my computer had a "smellevision" function so I could get a whiff of the apple pie smell. yum

  7. They're lovely and I just bet they smell great!


  8. What a great idea for favors -- something that everyone will use.

  9. Those Baby powder candles look wonderful, so pretty!! Blessings Niki xx

  10. I love the Apple Pie Candles- Perfect for the season

  11. Everything looks fabulous!! Those pie candles are the coolest candles ever!

  12. Everything is so pretty! I'm off to look at Etsy again! ♥