Wednesday, September 21, 2011

What Have I Been Up To?

Well, I've been up to 

It has been so much fun.

I've been making all kinds of 
candles, both to fulfill orders and to 
entice you...yes buy 

Nothing like honesty, right?

Well, I've been making many tea lights,
jar candles and what I am calling 
Mind Bender candles.

It looks like Campbell's Tomato Soup
but it smells like Apple Cinnamon!
I love the soup bowls but really 
wouldn't care for a tomato candle...
even though my friend, Melissa,
told me she bought one once.

Then there are the Ginger Lime Candles.

A customer asked me to match a
hand cream she adores.
I think this is close.....
In any case it is a bright, fresh scented candle.

Did I mention tea lights?

Lots and lots of tea lights?
Between baby shower favors
which are so much fun to make
and fragrance samplers that brought this 
feedback from SherryK:

"I brought some of the tea lights I ordered from you over to my mother’s house, and after trying them out, she absolutely loves them! She gave me a list to order for her, and wanted me to tell you that your candles smell so good, and she loves the Autumn Magic and Cinnamon Stick. We both love the quality of your candles too. (Much better than the large chain candle companies) :o)
Just wanted to let you know."

I've been making a lot of tea lights.
So many that I have ordered more tea light cups
and wicks.  I had so many that I thought running out 
would take years...not weeks.
God has been so good to me!!!

Another new thing here at Hospitality Lane is
a huge wax melter.  Love it!
I used it once this week but am excited to put 
it to real work when I make hundreds of candles 
for the upcoming fund raisers. 
It is going to streamline that process so much...
while saving us a bunch of money on electric.
J-O-Y!! is a good thing that my Chelsea
has gotten a job and will be busy because
she no longer needs to be my day planner.
I've got plenty on my plate....

You can find it out faster
at my Good Neighbors Candles
Facebook page

I would be delighted if you would
"Like" it!!!
A very cute little tart project is on there now.
My wish for you, my friend, 
is that you would have a wonderful day.
Hope you are feeling so rewarded 
and fulfilled in whatever you are up to.


  1. Wow I love that idea of matching to your favourite fragrance. Mine would have to be Almond butter hand cream I love that smell. Blessings Niki x

  2. I like those tea lights :)
    I don't burn candles very often, but I love them, so having several scented tea lights would be nice!

  3. Love the campbell's soup candle's. such a cute idea!

  4. The soup candles are adorable!

  5. Beautiful candles. What is a nice job you do.

  6. Becky your candles are wonderful!! I simply adore the pink tea lights, so sweet!



  7. You find the coolest containers for your candles. Love it!

  8. love all your new projects and so happy for success! hmm, which one of yours should I use today??

  9. Such great containers you find. I already know I'll be buying Christmas gifts from you!!