Monday, August 22, 2011

Introducing a Country Bumpkin!

A month or two ago I ordered some new fragrance oils.
One of these just wasn't all that impressive in the bottle
so I wasn't in a hurry to make it up.
However, I may coin a new phrase
about not judging an oil by its......not sure what would
go here...perhaps first impression?

Anyway, when I added this oil to the warm soy wax
it released the full intensity and sweetness of its fragrance.

They call it Country Bumpkin but I think it could
just as easily be called The Country Store.
You smell apples, nutmeg, sweet potatoes, cinnamon
and if you were standing in an old
fashioned country store with button bins,
apples, jars and bolts of fabric all around.

It is yummy, I tell you.

I took four tea lights to my friend,
Mrs. Rabe.
She is my "nose" on all things spicy.
She adored them!!

I love it when my friends are so 
supportive of my creative side.

Thanks, Mrs. Rabe.
She even put a link to my Etsy shop 
on her sidebar this week.

This is what she had to say about
the Country Bumpkin scent:

"Okay people! These are the best smelling candles! 
You know that great smell in country stores? 
This is it! I'm hoarding mine for now!"

I'll make you this offer....
the first five Blogs to agree to
putting my Etsy Link on their sidebar
will receive 
a nine ounce Country Bumpkin candle 
of their own!
Sorry to limit it but blogs must be
in the United States......
I don't ship internationally yet.

Also....please stop by and "like"
the Good Neighbors Candle Co.
Facebook Page, won't you?

Have a wonderful Day!!


  1. That sounds so lovely. I love the lids you use, may you have many blessings with your new frangrance. Niki x

  2. Sounds yummy -- You do a good job wih your pictures.

  3.'re making me hungry!!!!!

    *Cherished Heart Shoppe
    Fellow CAST member

  4. These sound lovely! Can I eat one, lol!