Friday, August 19, 2011

Soy Tarts....Yep! We Got 'Em!

Just barely.
Over the years I have toyed with making
tarts but haven't wanted to stock something that
I didn't have a way to market. 
They are loaded with fragrance oil and therefore need
to be put to good use in a decent amount 
of time.

I also hadn't really thought much about packaging
or anything like that.
Until one of my friends on the Etsy Team asked
if I made them.
I told her that I was interested in it and if she would be 
willing to be my tester I would send her some 
"on the house".

Well, she tried them...
gave me feedback.
I have made improvements and we are on to
step two.  This could involve you.
I have listed them in small amounts
as inexpensively as I can for those
small amounts for you to try.

If you are local you can save on 
shipping by contacting me...
If you are not local you can save on
shipping by purchasing any other item from
my shop.  There is then free shipping on the 
tarts.......good deal?

I would then love feedback from you 
on me personally if you have an 
issue....we will work to get it right!
On the Shop Feedback if they are 
already perfect in your eyes.



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