Tuesday, October 18, 2011

It's Here!

Candle season is here!
I am now in the thick of it.

Whether it is the sales coming from Etsy
or the prep for the fund raisers kicking off 
this week, I am buried in candles.

Fragrance Samples:

This is my new melter!

I love it so much.
Maybe I'll make a decorative cover for
it though....not exactly complimentary 
to the kitchen.  LOL
But!  It does cut down my prep time and 
doesn't interrupt the process nearly as often
as microwave melting did.

These are the jars waiting to be wicked and 
filled this morning. 

I'll do this while chatting 
with a friend who is going to visit today.

This may seem rude but it is actually an experiment.
In my new retail/work space I am considering having
an open candle production area so that customers and
friends could pop in and stay to visit if they like.

I want to know if I can be productive and visit at
the same time.  Perhaps it will not be possible
but if it can work I think that would be soooo cool!!

Candles fill all flat spaces in our living room, dining room
and kitchen. 

I need the stock on hand because I'll be doing 
a home show in Chambersburg in a couple of weeks.
If you are within driving distance to Chambersburg and would
like to come, please contact me.  We'd love to have you!!

I'll be listing these in the Etsy shop today.

I'll be back soon!
Hope your day is fun and productive.


  1. yes, please come to the home show! I would so love to meet some of Becky's friends!!!

  2. I would love to come visit and watch you fill candles! =)
    Those hot chocolate mugs are so cute!

    A question about etsy. Does it cost to list items? And when an order comes in does it send it to your email or do you have to check etsy everyday?

  3. If you weren't 3 hours away I would most certainly be there!!! Just don't think hubby would appreciate me driving that much to a candle/home show. lol

    I WILL be there in spirit though, that I can promise.
    Be blessed!!

  4. I truly wish I could divide myself and live near you.

    I would love to come and visit.


  5. Wow Becky, busy busy! I can't be at the home show, but my bags will :D I do wish I could though.

  6. Becky, you know I love MY CANDLE....lit is the other night to relax....uhmmmmmm....♥

  7. That melter looks serious - looks like you plan on making lots of candles!

  8. I wish I lived near Chambersburg and could come to your home show!

    I think future customers would love to come and see where the creation takes place, kinda like visiting a potter's studio.

    Does your new melter plug in to the power point?

    Are they real marshmallows in the hot choc candle?

  9. Answering some questions....

    Etsy charges 20 cents per listing and then a percentage after the sale. If you are looking for unlimited listing ability Artfire might be a good option. They charge a set fee and then unlimited listings at no further cost. I'm opening a shop there, as well.

    I have it set up to alert me by email when any transaction or convo's come in to my Etsy account.

    My melter is electric. I love it!! Oh, did I already state that? LOL

    No, the marshmallows are soy wax. It is amazing how realistic the rubber molds are. So much fun!

    Thanks for asking these questions ladies.

  10. I want to know how that experiment goes! I know I can't chat and work, I lose track of what I am doing. It would be fun though! Lovely work!

  11. Great Work! You are so organized!

  12. WOW! I hope the 'experiment' works out well :) BTW, I LOVE the hot cocoa candles, they look fantastic!!

  13. They all look so wonderful as usual Becky x

  14. I'd be excited to watch you pour candles, Becky!
    I'm excited for you about your booming business:)

  15. You should consider putting up shelving--of course you've already thought of that probably. I think demonstrations are great, there is a place here in GA that does glass blowing demonstrations --it's really cool AND educational! *Said in dreamy voice* you're my hero... :-)

  16. I think demonstrations are great too! I bet that melter is a wonderful addition to your business! Beautiful new candles!