Friday, October 21, 2011

Whirlwind, or should I say Whirling Dervish.....

I can't decide if it is everything around
me that is whirling or if it is just me in 
the candle kitchen but it is crazy around 
here right now.

With more than 60 online orders in just 
two days....Thanks Heartsy!.....and multiple
fundraiser kickoffs over the next week I nearly
caught myself coming or going yesterday!

Yep!  I'm moving so quickly that often
I find myself jumping from one aspect of 
the business to another within mere seconds
and then returning back to the point that I've 
been wondering how I've done it.

But, this is the stuff my dreams are made of.
This is what will get me my cute little candle 
shop where people can come, hang out and 
we can chat while I work.  The experiment 
the other day with my friend Mindy went 
pretty well.  We chatted while I worked and 
I greatly enjoyed having her here.  

She did have to scoot to the side every time
I needed more wax, though.  So a larger area
would be very beneficial to this kind of a plan.

I met with the CHALC group last evening and 
cannot begin to express how gracious
they were.
This is our third year to work together and 
it was so rewarding to hear those parents 
who have participated in prior fundraisers
say how they can't wait to get candles again
and that they are glad we are doing this
fund raiser.  Can you imagine??? 

They snatched up all of the
hot chocolate candles
that I had taken.
They do make great demos!

I'm thinking 400 might not be enough
for this selling season .....with so many groups
selling....I'm going to see if I can get more of those
mugs today.

I'm also looking forward to a home show
in early November,
with my new friend, Angel.
She lives in Chambersburg and has invited
me to come to her house for a show.
She and her friend, Michelle, 

and lots of sewn items for children.
I love their chalkboard mats 

So creative and practical.
We've had some bags shipped in from another 
Etsy seller, Kelly.
She does such amazing work with her 

So,  anyway, I am having fun these days
even if I do run into myself sometimes
and feel like a whirling dervish at others.
It is such a blessing that I actually 
pray prayers of Thanksgiving 
at very regular intervals!!


  1. It is good to be busy, isn't it? Just make sure you don't burn the candle at both ends LOL!

  2. (Smile) Praise God Becky....♥

    It's like "Hey, if you run into me, tell me I am needed in the kitchen".....LOL

    You will have wonderful time...
    xxx Monika

  3. aww, I love you. so glad you are such a busy little bee and that you are taking time to come hang out with me :-)

  4. So happy for your growing business!

  5. It is so wonderful to hear your busy 'schedule'! Your candles are absolutely the best and deserve all this recognition you are receiving!! Be blessed ♥ ♥ ♥ Tricia

  6. Wow, you're such an inspiration :-) I don't understand how you do it, but you're's the stuff dreams are made of (hard work.)

    I like that you showcased a few other items at the bottom. They're quite darlin.

  7. Busy, busy Becky! :) I am so proud of you!! And praying that you have the energy you need.

  8. I was wondering how you were doing and it seems like you're doing just great!

  9. I am so happy for you, Becky!


  10. I'm so glad the business is taking off so well.

    I forgot to email you and let you know my sister got her birthday candle. On time, no thanks to me, and she loved it. Thanks so much!

  11. Hey, I forgot to ask you...

    Can I order any wick trimmers when I turn in our fundraiser order? I love using mine!