Saturday, October 29, 2011

Let Me Tell You about Heartsy

O.k. so here is the deal.
Many have asked,
"What is Heartsy?".

Heartsy is a promotion for Etsy
that works a lot like Groupon.
Actually, the seller gets a better deal 
than Groupon companies do though.

The seller applies to be accepted to 
offer a Heartsy deal.
The Heartsy members vote on
whether they would be interested in making
purchases from your shop.
If enough say they would then 
the Heartsy folks check out your shop and 
decide if they want to work with you.

Once it has been decided that your shop
is a good fit they suggest a good
voucher deal.
Now, this is where it got tricky for me.
They asked me to run a $9/$21 deal.
That sounded ok.
They would charge $10 and the "average"
Heartsy buyer
would come and choose $21 worth of 
merchandise from my Etsy shop.
Heartsy would keep $1 from each 
transaction netting me $9.
I was ok with this.
I mean, 
if you think about it 
the number of people that would become 
acquainted with my shop and the candles
I make were potentially staggering.

They went on to ask me to offer an additional
$10 in free merchandise to their VIP customers.
VIP customers pay an additional $10 per month
to receive an extra $10 off each Heartsy deal.
They suggested that just a few of my buyers 
would be VIP's.

Well, in reality, most of my 84 buyers were 
VIP's.  So...if I crack the initial numbers down
I have lost a significant amount on this 
deal....BUT....hold on .

Already one of my Heartsy buyers has 
come back for more.
Many of them did not spend their entire 
amounts available and so I am fairly 
certain they will be back.

Quite a few spent $3-$5 more
than their Heartsy vouchers.

So....the verdict is still out.
I will not pass judgement until 
another month or so has passed and 
I see if there is an uptick in sales generated 
from this.
I think there will be.....

At this point I am still glad I did it.
I just wish I had realized how many of the 
Voucher buyers would be 
I may have adjusted what 
was in my shop.

However, I am very glad for the opportunity
to meet new friends and make 
sales and get positive feedback.
It all helps the Etsy store grow.

Thank you, Heartsy.


  1. So glad that it worked out for you, Becky.


  2. thanks for breaking it down for us. It sounded like you have been sooo busy with it, but its interesting to see if its all worth it ;-)