Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Companion Gifts

I just love the idea of coordinating 
gifts for friends.
To me it says that I thought more
than just picking something up and 
calling it done.

So, today I was cruising my new 
favorite virtual mall.....

I noticed a few things that would
be great to go along with my candles.
Shall I show you?

Of course I shall.

Let's just say
for example that you wanted to 
kill two birds with one stone.
You wanted to give money to a 
worthy cause while getting that 
perfect gift for a friend with a bent 
for generosity.

Fighting Crohns Disease with the sales of 
Lavender Candles....50% for the Purple Dress Project

Paired with these.....
lovely sachets....in lavender, of course!

Just look at that gorgeous tatting!
$17 for the pair.

You could get my smaller Lavender candles

at just $4 each to 
make it affordable and
then you'll have gifts for two!

What about that friend who
can't get enough coffee?
Maybe they love cappuccino.

A 15 ounce three wick tin will keep them 
in chocolate coffee goodness for a long time.
Pair this one with a custom coffee sleeve 
made by my friends Angel and Michelle and 
you have a fun and current gift.

Now, speaking of coffee.
One of my new friends is having a
giveaway that includes a Starbucks Gift Card
and a Coffee Cozy.
She makes them too.
Your choices are nearly endless.
Check out
Julie's Blog post 
to learn

It has been so much fun
to make these matches.

How about one more?

For the baker in your life.

and Faith makes

So, now you can have a new hobby.
Matching gifts from different shops 
for those friends and family that 
matter most to you.

I happen to like all of the things I 
have shared here....
ahem family ....are you looking?!?


  1. Oh wow; what gorgeous matches :-)

  2. Great post! Fun ideas...I see some of my favorite shops, here, too. :)
    - Shannon from Baruch's Lullaby

  3. Wow what a good job - matching these gifts.
    Love the lavender - candle - sachets pair. I'm going to have to try making some matches of my own!

  4. Great idea for a post. Thanks for including my lavender sachets!

  5. I'm looking, I'm looking! What a great showcase of items... thanks for sharing! :)


  6. What great pairings you've made! Niki x

  7. I'm seeing a theme here...gifts...I think I posted on the wrong thing! LOL

  8. too, too clever.......what a beautiful imagination you have ♥

  9. lol- great pairs and great sellers:)

  10. Great gift ideas! I will have to try one of your candles!!

  11. Very very clever post! Great items.


  12. Aw thanks, Becky :D You candles go well with everything!