Tuesday, December 13, 2011

I'm Late to the Party

It didn't take long after I opened 
my Etsy shop for people to begin
asking for tarts/melters.

I've not been a user of 
these things so making them seemed
a bit risky.
How much oil to put in?
What size should they be??

The first person to ask got a surprise
when I asked her if she would be an 
official tester.
I would send her a couple to try
and give feedback.

Thankfully she was agreeable because
there were adjustments to be made.
Her tart melter was the kind that 
plugs in like a night light
and so it required a smaller
amount of wax.

Turned out that full sized tarts were just 
too messy to cut but I had a mold that
made them smaller.
I sent some to her.
She approved.

She had also recommended a 
bit more fragrance oil.
My pleasure.

The result 
was great, she reported.

So...since that day I have sold a whole bunch 
of melters....and have gotten great feedback.
I'm very thankful for this new friend
who helped to refine a product that I was 
not familiar with.

Last week I was in Goodwill and saw this
melter that works with the heat of a tea light.
I snatched it up.
It is my new fun toy.
I am using potpourri spice in it and love it
very, very much.

I have officially joined the
tart party.

You guys were right!
What a pleasant way to get your
home sweetly fragranced.

I now offer two sizes of 
tarts.  One for mini melters
and full size 
for melters like mine.


  1. I have several tart warmers. I prefer them over burning candles.

  2. This is all new to me. Glad you found a willing tester"

  3. Cool! It's great to have friends that are willing to help!

  4. Julia,
    Surprisingly they are not messy. I've been pleased that I can pop the wax out of the melter easily once it has cooled. Also Zuda Gay, my "tester", said that you can just heat it for a few seconds and it slides right out.