Monday, January 2, 2012

I've been thinking about These....

I'm experimenting with different 
colors and fragrances 
in these glass hearts.

Nantucket Briar Rose with 
Rose and White Hearts.

Nantucket Briar Rose with 
all white hearts.

I think I'll do dark chocolate 
with pink hearts...

dark chocolate with 
burgundy hearts.

How about white cinnamon 
with red hearts?

Lots of playing to do.

I'll be listing them on Artfire, eBay,
Etsy and placing them in 
Cape Cod Crafters at 
Rockvale Square Outlets.

Fun stuff!!


  1. Love the little hearts! The flowers on them are so sweet!

  2. I think you should sell the flowery little hearts for tart warmers...or just to go in a little dish and scent the room...

    Can you tell you've hit on my favorite combo-hearts and flowers?