Thursday, April 26, 2012

Cheaper By The Dozen

One of my least favorite parts of selling online is the cost of shipping!
It just seems ridiculous sometimes when you want to try something small and the shipping costs more than the item you are ordering.  Just today I packaged a 4 ounce candle that is headed to California and when I calculated the postage it came out exactly what the person had paid....item and shipping.

Therefore I have come to a conclusion.
I must either raise my shipping fees or offer things in groupings 
so that it is more worthwhile to stay online.

Nigel, who built my website was on my case about 
my shipping prices.
He is right.
I've been undercharging.

So....for one of the first changes you'll see in my Etsy shop....
multiples of tealights.
I'm going to offer tea lights in set of a dozen....or more.
You get more for your money!

Tea lights retail for $1 each.
But when you purchase them by the dozen
the cost comes down to 
92 cents each and the shipping is the same as shipping
lesser amounts...because I can't ship anything for less than 
$5.20 Priority.

Therefore you can now do what some man
named John did.....
You can send a lovely gift to a friend,
I'll add the note, 
for just $15, including shipping.

I package the tea lights in cello bags of four.
The bags are resealable so everything stays nice and fresh.
Each of the packages is wrapped in tissue paper and 
closed with a cute sticker.

They are then tucked in a box
protected with bubble wrap, tissue paper
or peanuts.

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