Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Long Time...No Chat!

How terrible of me.
To leave you hanging 
in the candle blog.

I'm much better with my personal
blog but for some reason
I just have a hard time getting here.

Well, I am back.

Just wanted to share some cuties I've been 
working on.

There are a couple of public events coming up that you 
might like to know about....
if you are local.

One is next Monday evening. 
We'll be doing an Open House in Mountville
to raise money to help some very talented
girls attend Music Camp this Summer.
One plays piano like a professional.
She was our accompanist at homeschool
co-op from the time she was 13.
Her sister is a fabulous Cellist.
I love to hear her play.
The time and effort these girls have invested in 
their music is incredible.
If you are interested in that one just 
contact me for directions.
The hours are 6 - 9 pm.

50% of the sales go to 
help these girls
meet their goals.

The other local event that I would 
like to invite you to is at the Park City Mall
on Saturday, May 5th.
I'll be in or near Center Court
with a table full of candles.
I am so pleased that out of all of the 
artisans they could have asked to 
participate they found my Etsy shop 
and loved it.
I was blown away.
A wonderful email to receive out of the blue.
It is the last weekend before Mother's Day
so it is a wonderful time to shop
Just sayin'......

Have a wonderful day.


  1. Love the containers you put your candles in....especially the butterflies! I wish I could reach in and smell them!

  2. Your candles always look so beautiful and professional Becky. Lovely items. Blessings Niki x

  3. Becky, I love how much light the double wicked candle produce. I wonder if those pioneer candlemakers ever thought of that..........

  4. Beautiful candles! I especially like the tree of life containers.

  5. All I can say, BEAUTIMUS....and mine smells so delish....♥♥...Monika

  6. Lovely candle designs and how thoughtful to help raise money for a girl's future in music!

  7. Your candles are so beautiful :-)