Tuesday, August 21, 2012

It Begins!

My busy candle season is kicking off about a month early this year.  Due to a fundraiser which began yesterday and a day long show at our local mall, I am deep into making and packaging candles.

Last night I bit the bullet and made the first of the hot chocolate candles.  

I'll be making soooo many of these between now and Christmas.  However, most that I make will be in red tin mugs.  For the mall show I am taking some green ones so that I don't run out of the red.  

Chelsea walked in the door after having been out shopping with a friend and asked straight away, "Are you making chocolate candles?".  It is a fragrance that is amazing and makes you wish there were brownies in the oven.  


  1. These are just the cutest candles I have ever seen!
    Now following you...

  2. Those look so much like the real thing - the 'marshmallows' are great!