Monday, October 22, 2012

Clean Candles and Easy Clean Up!

I am lazy.
When it comes to cleaning up after candle making.

For years I didn't know it was possible to have 
a candle that wasn't a disaster if it dripped.
I would never have considered making candles from paraffin
because of the mess involved in cleaning up after them.
But SOY?
Now that is a completely different story.

The other day I made a mess.
A real mess.

While I wasn't happy it wasn't a big deal.
Hot soapy water and the mess was gone.
Completely gone.


The secret is to let it cool,
scrape off the hardened wax
and then use Dawn (I LOVE Dawn)
 dish detergent and hot water.

All because soy wax is a vegetable oil.

Now, many of you are familiar with candles 
that make a sooty mess when they burn.
Not only does it make a mess on the container
but it coats the walls and ceilings as well.
I'm not sure what it does to your lungs
but I'll not be risking it myself.

Now, take a peek at this candle 
after many, many hours of burn time.

No soot.

Yep!  Those are Twix in the candy jar.....

This is because it is a soy candle.
With a hemp wick.
Which I trim before I light...
most of the time.

You don't need to suffer with less than 
wonderful candles.

I've been making them since 2005.
They are good.



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