Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The Candle Jars Are Getting Face Lifts

 Since 2005 I've learned so much about presentation
and labeling.
I am sooo ashamed of those early labels.
Kind of like looking back at the photography 
during the early years of my blog
Hospitality Lane.

Sometimes I am a bit overwhelmed when 
I wonder how my progress will appear to 
me in another five years.
Will I be just as embarrassed by this?
But we have to do our best with 
the knowledge we have, right?

So....I'm showing you current and up to date
labels and sometimes the photos that 
I've taken to work with.
Loving photography has come in very handy.

Doesn't everybody like a little 
fruity spice?
O.k.  You are right.
Not everyone.
But many do and so I carry
this delightful blend of citrus and clove.

The photo on this label was taken a few years
ago on a vacation to Williamsburg, Virginia.
I enjoy the memories that come with seeing 
this label. 
It was chosen for its complementary colors.

 No need for a label here....
The heart says it all.
Chocolate and Valentine's Hearts are
so perfect together.

For the Wildflowers label the photo inspiration
came from one of our days spent at Longwood Gardens.
I do love that place.

Can you find the flowers in the label?

This process takes a lot of time.
I mean with more than 70 fragrances I'll be busy
at this for a while.
But it is fun too.

Today I must figure out a label design for my 
Oceans Candle.
Whether I find something in my photo library
or find the need to take something has not yet 
been decided.

But...I must figure it out.
Because some Oceans candles must go out the door
before Thursday.

Bear with me in my Etsy Shop as I make 
these changes.
You may order something with one label
and receive an upgraded waterproof

I'm caught in the middle.


  1. Hi Becky, I just popped over for a visit, from Vee's blog. I am intrigued with that fireplace candle. I need to go visit your Etsy shop! I love the scents you described here. xo

  2. Becky, I too came here from Vee's blog and I'm in awe of your packaging and fragrances...now I must hop over to Etsy and buy some,XOXO

  3. I'm here from Vee's, too...:)
    I am really interested in the fireplace candle...and maybe a "baking-in-the-oven" scent.
    Going to visit your shop now. :)
    xo bj